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All GPCGB competition qualifiers will be run using the GPC-GB event format

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2015 GPC-GB Competition Calendar

GPC-GB British Finals
Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th November

Venue; to be finalised.

GPC-GB Charity Push-Pull
Sunday 6th December

Venue; Central Fitness, Garretts Green Lane, Birmingham, B33 0SG

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2015 GPC-GB Competition Calendar

2016 GPC-GB Midland Qualifier
Birmingham 7th February (Lee Marshall/Matt Griffiths)

2016 GPC-GB South West Qualifier 
Bristol 21st February (Daniel Davies)

2016 GPC-GB Tattoo & Strong 
Manchester 5th & 6th March (Tania & Paul George)

2016 GPC-GB Southern Qualifier 
Eton 20th March (Andy Saunders & Dave Beattie)

2016 GPC-GB Ink & Iron
Birmingham 3rd April (Lee Marshall)

2016 GPC-GB Scottish Qualifier
Glasgow 9th April (Andrew Cairney)

2016 GPC-GB Welsh Qualifier
Neath 24th April (Chris Jenkins)

2016 GPC-GB Northern Ireland Qualifier 
Belfast 6th/7th May (Andy Cusick)

2016 GPC European Championships
Finland 6th – 12th June (GPC)

2016 GPC-GB Northern Qualifier
Chester 2nd or 3rd July (Dale Longford)

2016 GPC-GB NoDumbelles Womens Open
Manchester 16th or 17th July (Tania George)

2016 GPC-GB South East Qualifier
Eastbourne 6th August (Scott Halliday)

2016 GPC-GB Middlesex Qualifier
Northwood August 21st (Steve Plunkett)

2016 GPC World Championships 
Serbia 17th – 24th September (GPC)

2016 GPC-GB British Single Lift Finals 
Venue and date TBA

2016/2017 GPC-GB British Powerlifting Finals 
Venue & Date TBA

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