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Andrew Saunders
Andrew Saunders
I started weight lifting when I was 18, competing my first club competition in 1988. I continued Olympic lifting until 1992 when an ankle injury stopped me lifting for 2 years. I continued to weight train but then took a bit of a change of direction and took some coaching qualifications.
I am a BAWLA qualified coach and a UK Athletics coach in pole vault, I coached Ellie Spain who was UK number 1 for a couple of seasons, going to the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and 2006 European Athletics Championships in Gothenburg plus several Grand Prix appearances.
My Powerlifting career started in 2005, and won my first GPC World title in 2008 at Leamington in the bench press. The following year I won my first GPC World Powerlifting title in St Dizier. In 2010 I retained my title in Prague, in 2011 in Limerick I was 2nd having ruptured my ankle ligament in my second squat, I then broke the World bench press record and somehow managed to pull a deadlift to get a total. 2012 was a rebuild year after ankle re-construction and came back to win  the World Championships in Badejov. 2013 was again my year and I won my 4th GPC World Championship in Eger, Hungary.

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Vice President & Northern Representative
Gary Boulton
Gary Boulton

I started weightlifting on 19th march 1984 aged 19, 3 months later I was entered in Tameside’s strongest man competition by the gym owner who was running the comp, I think I was last .
I entered my first powerlifting competition in 1992.  I have since been in about 50 competitions worldwide.  I have been GPC British Champion 3 times in 2011, 2012 & 2013, GPC European Champion in 2006 & 2008, GPC World Champion masters 1 in 2004, 2006 & 2007 and  masters 2  in 2009, 2011 & 2013
I qualified  as a GPCGB  national referee in February 2012 and as a GPC International cat 3 referee at the GPC Worlds in Hungary 2013. I was voted in as GPCGB Vice President for 2013.  Next year will be my 30th year of weight training and 22nd year of competing in powerlifting and I hope to be lifting for next 30 years

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Treasurer, Technical Officer & Midland Representative
Lee Marshall
Lee Marshall

Started lifting career with BAWLA then continued with BPC until the formation of GPCGB in 2008 , it was formed for lifters who wanted to lift with the GPC federation at international  events .

 I have competed at 34 international events winning 13 European titles and 13 world titles , holder of world records in Squat,  Deadlift and total , in 1999 i became an international referee , in 2002 was elected Chief Technical officer for the GPC and in 2012 was elected GPC President .

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Northern Ireland Representative
David Anderson
Dave Anderson

David anderson 22-12-1977 I have been training in different gyms for about 10 years on and off, but only started competitivley 4 years ago, after watching the sams gym powerlifting team in action. I borrowed my first bench shirt from alan tosh and tried a bit of proper benching, I was bit by the powerlifting bug immediatley and started training with the guys from sams gym powerlifting team. My first comp was 10 weeks later in a comp run by sam graham, I squatted  210, benched 170 and deadlifted 235, my total was not enough for me to do my first europeans.  Another years training and a lot of experience and knowledge from Kyle Vauls,  Sam Graham and others. One year later I competed in the same comp and totalled 735kgs, qualifying me to for the europeans in Hungary, where I finished 3rd. I competed at the Worlds later that year in Limerick where I was 3rd again. The following year I competed in Slovenia at the Euro's and finished 2nd.  The Worlds in Slovakia I finished 4th. In Limerick the following year I finished first with my best total to date of 815kgs. My next comp was in Serbia for the Euro's, unfortunately it ended before I got going with double hamstring tear on my first squat. Once fit I was back in the gym training hard and getting my strength back for the Worlds in Hungary. I moved up a weight class to the 110s and finished 4th, with a 300kg squat, a PR in the bench 242.5kg, and a 240kg deadlift, slightly down due to recovering hamstrings.

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Northern Ireland Contact
Kyle Vauls

Kyle Vauls I live in Coleraine Co Londonderry Northern Ireland. I represent Great Britain at international level and am very proud to do so. I am 39 and have trained with weights from around 14 whilst at school.  I was introduced to powerlifting in 2005 by multi world champion Sam Graham after lifting in a couple of local bench meets, I began training in Sams gym in march 2005 with a view to competing in full power meets.  The rest as they say is history.Below is a list of International achievements;
European championships 2005 Slovakia, 2nd Place.
World championships 2005 Germany, 3rd Place.
European championships 2006 France, 5th Place
World championships 2006 Belgium, 6th Place
European championships 2007 Germany, 5th Place
World championships 2007 Canada, 3rd Place
European championships 2008 Czech Rep, 4th Place
World championships 2008 England, 5th place
WPC World championships 2009 Bournemouth, 4th Place
European championships 2010 Limerick. 2nd Place
World championships 2010,Czech Rep, 2nd Place
European championships 2011 Hungary, 2nd Place
World championships 2011, Limerick, 1st Place
Bullfarm ''King of the Bench'' 2012, Finland, Bench- 330kg 2nd Place
European championships 2012 Slovenia, 1st Place
World championships 2012,Slovakia, 2nd Place
European championships 2013, Serbia, 1st Place & Best Equipped Open Lifter
World championships 2013 Hungary, 1st Place & Best Equipped Open Lifter

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Welsh Representative
Chris Jenkins
Chris Jenkins
Believe it or not my first sport was karate. I trained with the Fairfield Karate Club, under Cedric Wellington, Mike 'Tubo' Mainwaring and the Welsh Bushi Kai. Traditional Karate requires explosive speed and thinking back we did a lot of things to improve speed for competition. When I reached comprehensive school, I was introduced to athletics and I took to running very naturally.I began training with weights to improve my sprinting at school for the county team West Glamorgan. In my early teens I ran at county then later national level. My grandfather was a local weight lifting champion and took me to train with Olympic weight lifters and powerlifters to improve my power for sprinting, I trained at Mike Browns Gym in Port Talbot. I sat and watched weightlifters like Gareth Hives clean & jerk over 200kg and squat with hundreds of kg's most days of the week, it was very inspiring.I used to admire the speed and explosive power they used to shift the bar. I believe this was a big asset to my training early on. After seeing a black and white picture of Ed Coan (from the IPF worlds) on the wall at the gym, I decided it was then I wanted to be a powerlifter not a sprinter.
My first powerlifting contest was in 1998, I competed in the Welsh powerlifting championships & broke the teenage, junior and senior 82.5kg deadlift record with 252.5kg, later that year I bumped the record up to 300kg. In 1999 I continued to compete in local & national contests. It was at the 1999 Junior Welsh championships that I competed against and later became great friends with James 'Flex' Lewis, who was also a champion powerlifter at the time.
In recent years I have won national & world powerlifting titles in the 82.5, 90 & 100kg divisions, with World records in the squat, bench & deadlift. I won a Junior World title in the AWPC over in Dallas Texas, in august of 2001. Then another Junior World Title in Vienna, Austria 2004. My first senior world title was in Ghent, Belgium with the GPC and later I won a World title with the WPC in 2009. In 2011 I won my first Mr Olympia Pro Invitational win, and a year later I competed in and won the Wales Strongest Man u90kg contest. I now compete with the GPC, in the raw division at 90kg.

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Southern Representative
Delroy McQueen
Delroy McQueen

I started my career as an Olympic weightlifter. I competed in weightlifting for a number of year at international level. I won many British titles and broke many British records. The highlight of my weightlifting career was winning three gold medals at the 2002 Commonwealth games in Manchester and breaking the commonwealth and British records in the clean and jerk and total. 
At the end of 2004 I changed sports to powerlifting. In my first year competing in powerlifting I won the British championships and broke British records. I have won a number of British championships in powerlifting. In 2010 I became European and world champion in the 110kg weight class. I won my weight class in the Raw British championships and the overall best lifter in 2012 and 2013. 

My target for the first half of 2014 is to win my weight class in the European championships, break the world records on the squat, deadlift, total and to also win the overall title as well.

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Record Keeper
Matt Griffiths

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Womens Representative
Tania George

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South East Representative
Dave Beatie

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