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World Championships GB Team

A few of the members of the GPC GB team at the World Championships in Hungary,
September 2013  Medals all round!

Hello and welcome to the new GPC-GB website. The GPC-GB was formed in 2008 by Lee Marshall, for British lifters who wanted to compete at GPC international competitions. Lee has since been nominated President of the GPC Worldwide.
In September this year the GPC-GB committee was formed to oversee the growing number of British lifters that wanted to lift in the GPC European and World competitions. The GPC is becoming one of the fastest growing federations in the world, currently with 27 countries affiliated and lifters from a further 7 competing regularly. 

The GPC-GB Committee is here to further promote powerlifting in Britain, in all aspects Raw, Equipped and single lifts. We will be putting on more competitions across the country ranging from the south, midlands and north of England, to Wales and Northern Ireland, these competitions will cater for all levels from novices to elite lifters and will be run and promoted by some of the country’s best lifters including Lee Marshall, Delroy McQueen, Chris Jenkins & Kyle Vauls to name just a few.

We look forward to seeing current  and meeting many new lifters joining and enjoying lifting in the GPC-GB, we will be here to help and guide you in any way we can. Contact information can be found within the pages of this website so feel free to ask questions to any of the committee members.

This being a new website we apologise for the lack of content in some area's, any useful suggestions will be welcome, as the website evolves more information can and will be added.

Contact us: